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Nintendo GameCube

Get help with homebrew on the GameCube

Ensure that your Micro SD card capacity is 2GB or lower.

The GameCube can’t read MSD cards higher than 2GB on startup/boot.

Some larger cards may work after a bit of effort but this is unsupported.

This method of launching homebrew works on all USA and Europe GameCube consoles.

You can check the region of your GameCube by looking at the sticker on the bottom of the console.

While a 2GB Micro SD card is required to boot Swiss on startup, the GameCube can read larger MSD cards, such as a 64GB card when you are in the Swiss menu.

I show how to use one SD card to boot Swiss, and a second much larger micro SD card to hold lots of GameCube games in this video:

The GameCube uses memory cards to save you progress in games.

Saves cannot be saved to the GameCube game disc.

GameCube memory card Amazon affiliate links:


Nintendo Wii

Get help with homebrew on the Wii

This problem is usually caused by the Motion Plus feature built into some Wii Remotes.

Unfortunately, you will have to use an older Wii Remote which does not have this feature built in.

Ensure that you are using USB port zero.

This is the port closest to the ground when the Wii is positioned sideways.

Nintendo Wii U

Get help with homebrew on the Wii U

The most likely issue is that your SD card could not be read properly, even if it shows a FAT32 error. Ensure that the Wii U’s SD card slot and SD card are clean and not blocked with dust or small debris.

Ensure that your SD card is formatted to FAT32. Watch this to find out how:

You must use an SD card and it must go into the SD card slot.

You can’t use a USB adapter or any kind of USB device instead of an SD card.

Please ensure that you are using the correct URL. The website URL is

Also ensure that your Wii U is connected to the internet.

This crash can happen randomly when launching homebrew but is much more common on older versions of homebrew and older homebrew methods.

If you are unsure if you are using the latest version, visit

Nintendo 3DS

Get help with homebrew on the 3DS:

The boot.3dsx file cannot be read.

Skip to 1:12 on this video for instructions:

You are using a payload which is not correctly configured for your 3DS.

Skip to 4:10 on this video for instructions:

You updated the game or there is an issue with the save file.

Skip to 2:35 on this video for instructions:

The payload file could not be read, or is not configured correctly.

Skip to 2:07 on this video for instructions:


Skip to 4:35 on this video for instructions: